Marriage a beautiful binding

Posted By: Admin Posted On: 18/07/2016

We the Pakistani Muslims believe that marriages are settled in heavens and occur in this world. Allah says in Quran that people should get married in order to stay away from Sin. Our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that “Nikah” is my “Sunnah”. 

When a man and a woman enter into marriage to start a new life together, they actually partner to lay the foundation of their own family. A slight adjustment in attitudes and habits, by both, make them an ideal couple.

Moving towards Marriage- The Engagement Function

For young girls, adopting an entire new family is quite demanding but acceptance with open hearts from in laws makes this transformation easy.

Boys become responsible men after marriage with the love and care of his better half. Gradually taking care and with love life goes on and family completes to move forward in the life. gives opportunity to choose the best for each other. This Muslim Matrimonial website for Pakistani Muslims makes it easy to choose without conflicting with the traditions.