Moving towards Marriage-Colors of Mehndi

Posted By: Admin Posted On: 12/07/2016

“Mehndi” is a traditional function celebrated in Pakistan for over centuries. Though the function faced criticism from the religious corners but it being becoming part of our culture helped it to flourish.

Moving towards Marriage-Colors of Mehndi

Music and the yellow color are the main essence of mehndi. Young girls and ladies of both the families, in a yellow dress code, get together, with a “dhol” and a “duff” and sing the traditional matrimonial songs, which are being sung over the years. Family of the girl sings to make fun of boy’s family and the boy’s family ladies make fun of the girl’s family members in their songs. Boys participate too from both sides to add the flavor in the function. This competition goes on till late night and usually ends with the interference of the eldest family member.

Dinner is then served with “Halwa Puri” and traditional “Aaloo Chane” and several other dishes. Bride and the bridegroom remember it for long.

Photo sessions and videos of the function keep the moments safe for ever and everyone enjoys seeing the photo albums and the videos for the times to come.

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