Why the Early Marriage and Re-Marriage is not Wrong

Posted By: Admin Posted On: 30/06/2016

There is a perception in our society that boys should not get married until they are financially strong and become able to carry the responsibility of their family. This is mainly due to financial condition of our country and it has nothing to do with marriages.

Why the Early Marriage and Re-Marriage is not Wrong

 Our Prophet (PBUH) advised Ummah that boys and girls should be married at an early age as soon as they mature to the age of marriage to avoid a sinful life.

 Prophet (PBUH) advised a Sahabi (RA) to get married to get rid of poverty and some days after the same Sahabi (RA) came back to the Prophet(PBUH) complaining that nothing improved financially since he got married. Our Prophet (PBUH) again advised the Sahabi (RA) to remarry. Again after some time the same Sahabi(RA) came back to the Prophet (PBUH) and complained that his financial condition was still very bad and he was again advised by the Prophet (PBUH) to get married for the third time which the Sahabi (RA) did and after the third marriage the financial condition of that Sahabi (RA) improved and grew to a very higher status.

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