Our FAQ's

What is Match.com.PK?

Match.com.pk is a Muslim Matrimonial Site designed specifically for resident and overseas Pakistani Muslim Community.

What are charges of Match.com.PK?

It is absolutely cost free for everyone who registers and finds his or her match for future life

How I can add my profile?

Any one can get a free account and can create his/her profile without involving Match.com.pk supporting staff. Once you will register your account, our automated system will require you to confirm email account.

How I can remove my profile?

Every member can remove his or her own profile any time, without involving Match.com.pk supporting staff.

Is Match.com.PK doing Matrimonial business?

NO. Match.com.pk is not invlove in any Matrimonial business. We offer this website to faciliate muslims living in Pakistan and overseas.

How I can hide my contact information?

Just login to your account. Click on settings from My Account given on top of page. You can choose, whatever contact information you would like to display on your website. You can even hide all of your contact information.

How people will contact me, if I hide all of my contact information?

Match.com.PK has provided a internal messaging system. Any member can send message to other members. All messages will remain save on our server for 30 days.

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